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[poll] [POLL]Are you still interested in PF1 development ?
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Sun Jun 23 2013, 05:58PM
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Are you still interested by the PF1 development or did you give up this phone ?

I want more development !

I don't care about development !

You do not have the required permissions to vote in this poll

Votes: 59

I'm currently working on Pandore-Edition ROM V2 (not Pandora as you all seems to say !!)
and I'm asking myself if I should release others versions of the project...
No one seems to care about the PF1 anymore, and no one try to help or ask for anything...
When I first released my ROM, many eople asked me for new features, I've done some of them and I'm currently working on the others, but no one seems to give a damn...
I will get a new phone soon, but will keep my PF1 in my bag everyday, so yes I will still be working on it.
What I'm asking you is :

Are you still interested by the PF1 development or did you give up this phone ?
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 carval2k (04 Jul : 15:41) , DarkenAlex (22 Aug : 22:57)
Sun Jun 23 2013, 07:29PM
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Ofcourse man, we still interested of PF1 developing. I want you to make possible the TETHERING! Because I am in the country very much in summer and there is only possibility to be in the internet, is I tether my MOBILE INTERNET with my PC.
Please can you fix the tethering issue in your next release???
You ROM is very good in battery life. I hope to see it too in your next release.
Thx in advance!

Peace for all!!!
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 02:43AM

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yes please. the fact that it has keyboard and removable back cover makes it more appealing to a lot of users. hence, further development would definitely be a good thing to have.
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 08:03AM
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Joined: Sun Apr 21 2013, 06:12PM
Location: Tampere
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Ofc we are interested in development of our oldschool phone!
I'm not going to buy a new phone in few times so every step of development is great for me! Keep going man!!
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 12:52PM
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are you serious!? ofcourse we are interestefd...
i still haven't found a solution to my problem with the unlock tool (just got my phone back from service AGAIN, new M/B AGAIN) but no joy.. and even so i still hope for a solution.. so that i can try your rom.
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 01:00PM
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Joined: Sat Sep 22 2012, 12:16PM
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Same problem as Kostas!!!And very bad technical assistence!!I want to try your ROM but I can't!However thanks for your work!
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 01:58PM
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Joined: Fri Feb 15 2013, 03:12PM
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definitely, like the job you have done. Would be possible to add more options to welcome screen, instead just camera and unlock and google search?
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Thu Jun 27 2013, 07:36PM
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Right now, my #1 feature request is a custom kernel to tweak it a bit. I'm getting pretty OK scores on benchmarks, but some other phones with the same SOC, can get 10~20% higher results! It would be really nice to be able to push this baby to the limit.

I will stick with the Padfone 1 for at least another year, so I'm hoping to boost its performance a bit in the meantime.

Thanks for your continued development!
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Sat Jun 29 2013, 11:27AM
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Joined: Thu Aug 30 2012, 09:18AM
Location: Marseille
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We appreciate your job very efficent and accurated with last change.
I.E. your answer by PM.

Sunny day from Marseille
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Thu Jul 04 2013, 03:43PM
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Joined: Tue Dec 11 2012, 06:41PM
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Hi! It's very good to know that someone is working on PF1 development.
I'm an Android, as also ASUS fan, but a rookie on android development, yet if I can help you on something, I would enjoy it.

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Sun Jul 14 2013, 11:56PM
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Joined: Thu Jun 20 2013, 02:16AM
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Yes more development would be nice. I really like the device and you ROM sure makes it a lot better. Thanks again.
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Tue Jul 30 2013, 04:59AM
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Joined: Wed Apr 10 2013, 05:40PM
Location: Malaysia
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I'm still using this phone for the next 2 years. Please keep the development alive. Else, if you're quiting, please pass the development file to me and I can continue the development.
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Thu Aug 01 2013, 10:37PM
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Joined: Fri Sep 14 2012, 10:46AM
Location: Göteborg
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We can never get enough development. I appreciate everything you do. Thank you.
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Thu Aug 22 2013, 10:56PM
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Joined: Sun Mar 24 2013, 09:54PM
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Your Rom is pretty good and my daily use.
I want more of your rom.
So please go on with your development. It's amazing and rock solid.
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Mon Sep 15 2014, 12:41AM
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Joined: Wed Feb 27 2013, 10:51PM
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bump = Offcourse!

question: Read the latest Android Magazine, were they test the new Ubuntu touch (linux) and thats its possible to make a dual-boot OS.
This would be pretty interesting in the padfone 1 with tf101keyboard and such. What do you think?
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