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Goodbye community !
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Sun Jan 04 2015, 06:05PM
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Hello all !

I just wanted to drop by to tell you that I gave back my PFI after I broke the screen and replaced it. The aftermarket services of the shop didn't see the switch and I was able to get a voucher in exchange So I got a 800€ voucher and got the LG G3 that works so much better. (the rest of the voucher will be used for other purposes)

I really enjoyed my PFI but I think it's obivous that with time, it's not a reliable device (updates are very long to get and not always working well, the station stopped working for no reason, wifi antenna is cr*p). ASUS came out with a marvelous idea but didn't develop it very well. I'm not the kind of user who will say "PF is sh*t, ASUS sux bouhouuu". No. I really liked the device and it helped me a lot. But in my opinion ASUS is not putting the effort needed to make it to the strong market and the quality could be better for the price tag.

I got the LG G3, running Lollipop (not very well on some points but still) and the first thing that jumped to me was the wifi. Wifi antenna on the PFI is a real cr*p.... I get a waaaay better signal from the G3.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you goodbye, because I think this community is great and had a great time sharing problems and solutions with you guys !

Cheers mates !
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