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[poll] Infinity A86_TW first Lollipop update (Android 5.0.2) disappointment
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Tue Nov 03 2015, 09:11PM
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Which update do you like the most on the A86?
I like the new update (Lollipop 5.0.2)

I like the latest Kit Kat

I like the latest JellyBean


Hey guys!
I just updated my A86, and I am not quite satisfied with the new update. This new firmware is so damn energy saving, that it always closes apps in the background. If I start a song in a musicplayer, and switch over to a web browser, the musicplayer stops. And it stops because the OS killed it to save battery. Many apps that used to work perfectly on KitKat, are now crashing all the time. These are just a few things that I don't like in the new firmare. Anyway, all of the Padfones are great, but the updates could better fit the phones, I would require a bit more precise software development for this price. I hope Asus will soon release a new update that will fix these annoying errors.
What do you Guys think of the new update on your Padfones? Are these things happen only to me? Let's discuss the pros and cons of the new update on the New Padfone Infinity!

[ Edited Tue Nov 03 2015, 09:13PM ]
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Thu Nov 05 2015, 09:49PM
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I like it. The only app that crashes is Chrome (first time when opening on the phone, after Tab use).
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 mrbaloghakos9 (06 Nov : 05:17)
Thu Nov 05 2015, 09:50PM
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My disappointment is that they found a gps defreezer solution in lollipop while they won't update my kitkat frozen one. Wonder what they did or if it was related to a file. Looking at you asus…
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 mrbaloghakos9 (06 Nov : 05:17)
Fri Nov 06 2015, 05:27AM
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I just downgraded to KitKat. Using Asus Backup, that comes on the phone installed, I could easily backup my apps, (as you know, downgrading comes with a factory reset) so I didn't lose my apps. The media must be backed up manually. For me it was enough of Lollipop so far, and now I'm happy with the old but stable Kit Kat.
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Sat Nov 07 2015, 09:33AM
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I've had the Lollipop update a week or so. Still no major problems. The only weird occurence is my operators toolprogram (comes with the SIM-card) that keeps adding it's icon to start screen. I now have five of them and they can't be deleted, so I just keep them in a folder.
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Sun Nov 08 2015, 11:22AM
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The GPS is not working since I upgraded to LP. The phone was perfect on JB and I regret upgrading. I tried downgrading after installing TWRP but bricked the phone and had to pay for the motherboard to be replaced.
With each upgrade it feels like Asus is nibbling on the features. The same with my Lenovo K920 when upgrading from KK to LP, some features are removed and the phone becomes buggier. Lenovo's forum has a long thread where people complain about all the new bugs and features removed. But at least with the K920, downgrading is trivial.

[ Edited Sat Nov 14 2015, 11:42AM ]
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Sun Nov 08 2015, 08:20PM
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After that update that fixed the gps and with twrp/root im very pleased with LP:)
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Wed Nov 11 2015, 12:17AM
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Apart from battery draining too fast, I'm totally satisfied with my latest rooted L update ( I'm glad they fixed the GPS. Now it works perfectly.
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Wed Nov 18 2015, 02:12PM
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I'm going to update my padfone a86 from kk to L, could you tell me if it works stable, and I wounder if battery life is improved on L.
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Wed Nov 18 2015, 04:25PM
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Drivers need to install roms for Fastboot , from the console of Windows because my phone is Bickeo !!

Thank you, greetings !!

Necesito los drivers para instalar roms por Fastboot, desde la consola de Windows, ya que mi telefono se Bickeo!!

Agradezco, saludos!!
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